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Dia de los Niños 2022

by Susanna Han & Dani Lee


This past April 28, El Porvenir held one of their biggest events for the primaria (elementary) students for Dia de los niños (Children's Day). Children's Day in Mexico is a special holiday celebrating children and the importance of childhood. To make this day as special as possible for the students at EP, they celebrated by having a day full of games, food, activities, piñatas and more. The FOG team was joined by a team from the U.S. who volunteered to help out by planning the event and another team led by Pastor Sergio’s wife Elvira from Tijuana. It was truly a blessing seeing the pure joy of students who were able to simply enjoy being the kids they were, away from their family situations and schoolwork. Most importantly however, none of this would have been possible without the Tijuana team, who drove down 4 hours in a van packed with food, toys, and piñatas for over 160 students. They went the extra mile to give their hearts to serve and love the EP students.

Interview with Pastora Elvira

Can you share your heart about why you came down to serve on dia de los niños?

I chose to come because I have a greatlove for this place and all the kids here. My son David loves the kids and the place. Every year on his birthday he says he doesn't want a birthday party but that he wants to come to San Telmo and spend time with the kids here. I want to be part of the blessing that God is doing here. San Telmo is always in our hearts and I want to bless the families and kids because they are the generation that will come after us and will also become parents. Ultimately I wanted to show the students the love of Christ.

Can you share about your experience meeting the kids at El Porvenir and serving them?

I had so much joy in my heart. My heart was touched by all the kids enjoying the event. I saw their smiles, tears of joy, and their enjoyment in each activity. We had just finished a campaign in LA when Pastor Paul invited us to come. In my mind I didn’t want to come because I was so tired but my heart said yes because I wanted to bless the kids who might not have a mother or father andfor those who do not get to celebrate their birthdays. So I wanted to bless them in Christ.


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