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Panama 2022

by Peter Kim


On the last week of April, a small group of missionaries including Pastor Paul visited Playón Chico and the Guna tribe at the request of Arumdaum Church, based in New York. Arumdaum Church had built an after-school program, which they also funded for the past seven years, in hopes of educating the local children in academics and spiritual matters. But due to the coronavirus, the program had been put on hold since last March. Arumdaum Church had asked Pastor Paul to examine the preparations made to reopen the school. We were able to talk to the local teachers, pastors, and the director of the after school and see the work that they had been doing. After gathering information, we were able to make a report to Arumdaum church about the preparations being made for the after school.

Later the same trip, we also visited one of our partnering churches in Unión Chocó. Despite some trouble getting there, we were so blessed to see all the progress made on the renovations of the church. They placed beautiful red floor tiles, started outline the ceiling, and finished constructing a patio in the front of the church. It was amazing to see how much the church had changed since last July when we visited Unión Chocó!

It was also amazing to see how some of the local kids still remembered and were excited to see us again. We were also excited to hear that one of partnering local Panamanian pastors, Pastor Tito, would be remarrying. He had lost his wife last year, so we were happy to know he would have a partner to encourage and strengthen him as he spreads the gospel to other indigenous tribes. We will be returning to Unión Chocó in July to attend Pastor Tito’s wedding and celebrate the union.


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