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The God of San Telmo

by Elisha Choi


I’ve been meaning to visit San Telmo and El Porvenir for years now.

Ever since 2021, I heard about this amazing place where so many people have gone to serve for FOG, MYO, or EADS and it made me so curious about what kind of mission field this place was. Finally being there, I honestly was underwhelmed at first and overwhelmed by how much I thought I had to love this place immediately when we stepped foot in San Telmo. The pressure was real. The school was a lot smaller than I expected and the kids were a lot more unruly than I thought.

Being with the 6th grade class, I encountered some trouble makers and the classroom seemed a little out of control. But the people who have been to EP before seemed so happy to be there. Some of the students seemed so happy to be there. And I knew for sure that this place is so loved and favored by God and His people. I knew my thoughts could not be trusted and that this place was more than what met my eyes.

As I was leaning into the discomfort of my misplaced expectations and taking in the pure joy from the students who were so happy to see everyone, the Holy Spirit began to speak. It’s only then when He gracefully reminded me of the faithfulness of God throughout all the years of different missionaries and friends who sowed into San Telmo. He who was faithful then will be faithful now and forevermore. It wasn’t about the pastors, fog missionaries, past missions trips, or people that made this place so special. San Telmo was a place where God has tangibly showed and continues to show his steadfast love, grace, and faithfulness to many generations. This place was a site where God’s people humbled themselves, turned and sought the Lord’s face, and where the Lord heard from heaven and healed the land. Remembering all of this changed everything for me. I started to have a heart of gratitude.

I was so grateful and honored to be a witness of this small chapter of what God is doing in EP through Children’s Day. Being on the mission field with my brothers and sisters reignited a desire to want more of Jesus in my life and to see His Kingdom come in San Telmo soil and wherever He places me. I left feeling so honored, privileged, and grateful to be invited to serve the Lord, especially with brothers and sisters who also enjoy serving the Lord with their whole hearts and lives.


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