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The Light of Christ in a Dark Nation

by Hyemi Kang


This summer, the door to the mission field in Southeast Asia had opened, and 4ChristMission was able to bring a team of missionaries to Thailand. The nation of Thailand is predominantly Buddhist, with the next leading religion being Islam. Christians make up less than 1.5% of the country. Thus, there is an urgent need for the gospel to go forth in power in Thailand.

The trip began with training in the city of Bangkok at a Korean church that graciously hosted us. We had powerful team services where the Holy Spirit empowered and filled individuals in our team, including the translator joining us throughout the mission trip. We had dedicated time towards skit training that would convey the gospel message and learning worship songs in both Thai and Hmong.

After the completion of training, the team traveled to the province of Kanchanaburi, where we were able to serve through VBS and adult services at some of the local churches. Our team even had the opportunity to visit a refugee village for the Burmese people, who have fled Myanmar amidst all of the nation’s political and military violence, where we were able to host VBS for all the children, communicate the gospel through the skits, share of our testimonies, and preach the word of God. our Hmong brothers and sisters.

In Phetchabun, our mission team partnered alongside our Hmong brothers and sisters to do ministry in the public schools, the local churches, and setting up medical ministry for the community. There have been incredible testimonies of men and women turning to Jesus for the first time and finding freedom, healing, and even deliverance from evil spirits! Phetchabun was an eye opening time, where the need for the light of Jesus gripped our hearts increasingly more, specifically for the children and the youth, who were being raised under a heavy Buddhist influence in their schools. From an early age, they are growing up with Buddhist values and customs, which evidently becomes embedded into their way of thinking, their emotions, and even their lifestyles.

As the trip came to a close, we were sincerely in awe, wonder, and thanksgiving for all the ways the Lord had powerfully moved in and through the team. There is an undoubtable urgency growing inside of our hearts to see the love of Jesus Christ come and consume the nation of Thailand and we are asking the Lord to ignite this in the province of Phetchabun!

Please join us in keeping the nation of Thailand and our brothers and sisters in Phetchabun in your prayers.


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