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Vision to Reality: How God Fulfills Dreams Through Architecture Firm, Gensler

by Eleanor Ma


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where shutdowns and closures were at its peak, God began a new work at El Porvenir. Through a series of divine appointments, 4ChristMission was able to partner with an architecture firm called Gensler to design San Telmo’s first high school at El Porvenir. In the spring of 2021, 4ChristMission collaborated with Gensler’s Newport Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and Mexico City offices to create a pro-bono design that is sustainable, forward-thinking, and empowering to San Telmo’s future leaders and disciples. Through a series of meetings and feedback with the 4CM Staff, the vision for this future campus was born. Through the help of a local architecture firm in Baja California, plans were made and stamped to begin breaking ground at El Porvenir in the fall of 2021.

This new high school is a two-story, ground-up building designed specifically to continue the path that God has started in El Porvenir. Programmatically, the high school features a wood and metal shop to give students the opportunity to train in the trades and create diverse economic opportunities within San Telmo. A Science Lab, Computer Lab, and 3 classrooms provide hands-on instruction and the cafeteria and kitchen will open space for community gatherings and special events. The high school itself sits on the site of the previous Primary School, nestled in between Ven A Cristo Church and the FOG mission house, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the existing campus. Finally, an open courtyard and community garden space will be allotted at the entry of the site to give resources back to the community and its students. Mechanically, the building is designed for long-term sustainability without the use of a mechanical or HVAC system, and instead is oriented to maximize wind patterns and natural solar lighting within the classrooms.

The process for designing El Porvenir High School has already been a huge testimony to the faithfulness, creativity, and provision of the Lord and His great love for the community of San Telmo. Construction has officially begun on site and each day we are seeing the progression of God’s perfect and wonderful plan to give the students of El Porvenir a hope and a future. We know that this is only the beginning of what God will continue to do through El Porvenir, and it would not have been possible without each of our supporters. Thank you for keeping El Porvenir in your prayers!


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